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Noble Energy Wellness & Noble Energy Maps

Noble Energy Wellness empowers you to manifest your actual potential by supporting you at your core and guiding you toward describing and achieving your goals. Dr. Eleanor and her husband, Marvin Portner, M.D., offer a FREE Manifest Your Dreams Webinar on Zoom every Thursday at Noon Eastern Time to help you achieve your dreams. Go to: www.nobleenergywellness.com to register for the webinar. 

In addition, Dr. Eleanor uses her proprietary energy maps to help guide you if you are interested.  Read about Noble Energy Maps here. 

Noble Energy Maps based on Noble Sciences' sacred Synthesis combines ancient wisdom traditions and rigorous scientific examination. Using personal tools designed to activate knowledge deep within your core, you can delve into your true nature and improve your daily life. Access the Wisdom of the cosmos and the truths that reside within you on this exciting journey of self-discovery that is Noble Sciences.

Noble Energy Maps is not another cookie-cutter approach to life, unlike systems that try to divide people into several basic types that lock them into specific responses. It goes well beyond the deterministic approach of astrology or the I-Ching. It integrates the Tree of Life, Chakras, Human Design, four worlds in which humans’ function, and psychological stages of development. Noble Energy Maps transport you into a multiverse of information that reveals your true nature.

No matter how valuable, blueprints cannot build buildings. Only the builder can bring to life the idea held in the blueprints. Since I know how to read the blueprint, I can instruct you on the tools you need to strengthen your inner structure. While cosmic influences impel us, they do not compel us. Noble Energy Maps gives you the information you need to choose how to respond. Noble Energy Maps empower you to take charge of your daily life. Rather than creating a dependency on continuous, complicated, and costly readings, Noble Energy tools distill the vast amounts of information that clearly show how you process information and make decisions. Experience the level of depth and guidance usually reserved for experts in ancient traditions.

 To start exploring, continue to the next section, Ancient Wisdom, or click the links above to explore the secrets behind the scenes. Ancient Wisdom includes information on components of Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis: the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The I-Ching, The Hindu Chakra System, and Astrology. Noble Energy Maps describe how you were affected energetically during critical times in your development and how the energy patterns in your map may affect you. In addition, Noble Energy Maps have been tested clinically over 20 years and statistically on over 30,0000 cases. 

Noble Energy Maps are a Sacred Synthesis that uses the Human Design Body Map in conjunction with Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Clinical and Statistical Research.

You can read the whole story in our beautifully illustrated e-book Cosmic Secrets Revealed.

Noble Energy Maps - I uses my proprietary calculations to arrive at a map that shows how cosmic energies influence your decision making, sensitivity to the energy around you, your spiritual grounding and how to use it, and how to find balance in your life that honors your life purpose. Because of my extensive social science and psychological background, I developed and understand the nuances of the maps that are based on my statistical research. I read your astrological charts in all worlds and progress them to tell you what might be up ahead. You will find Dr. Eleanor’s readings empowering and uncannily accurate. 

Spiritual Coaching Reading- I have seen auras my whole life. When I began having dreams about knowing with a “K”, I knew I had to dedicate my life to helping others remain anchored in their spiritual integrity. I began using my skill as a psychologist to empower those who felt alone, misunderstood, and hungry for spiritual validation. My gift is knowing if what you are saying you visualize happening for yourself carries the inner vibration of truth with it. If it does you will find success. However, if it needs tweaking to manifest, I can help you adjust your vision and your inner clarity, so you achieve your goals in ways that honor your highest purpose and your spiritual core.