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Therapy for individuals, couples and families. 

Thera-coaching describes some of what I provide. As both a Clinical Psychologist and Professional Certified Coach, I approach clients using whatever tools can facilitate their focus on what they want to have happen for themselves in their life. My goal is for my clients to tap into their own depth and skill so they move forward in their life feeling validated, empowered, and healthy.

My specialties include:

  • Relationship Therapy: Having a connected and loving relationship empowers you and your partner in mutually supportive ways. But too often relationships hit a rough patch and need reaffirmation and readjustment to get back on track and to resume momentum and connection. Listen to my interview on Navigating Relationships: a Multidimensional Perspective. And contact me to get your relationship to the next level of connection and happiness! 
  • Hypnosis or Hynotherapy: Did you know that everybody experiences hypnosis; a natural, relaxing state of being that is very much a part of everyday life. Words and metaphors of daily life communicate to deep parts of the unconscious and hypnotically influence actions and reactions. When you use hypnosis with intention, you speed up your timeline in reaching personal or professional goals, so if you want to deepen awareness, discard weight, alleviate pain, perform better on a test, connect and integrate the hemispheres of your brain, feel more confident, happier, and more aligned, consider using hypnosis to empower yourself. It is also beneficial for healing faster when having surgery, or for anxiety. Try it and learn self-hypnosis so you can be using it daily. Contact me for an appointment now. 
  • Therapy and Coaching for Life Path Optimization: Feeling they are on the “right” path is a goal many of my clients talk about. It is a worthy goal but often hard to pinpoint or find. With careful questioning and honest assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, and values, your can find your ideal path without a lot of struggle or angst. To work with finding your ideal path, I listen carefully to you and work with some tools I developed to help you get in touch with your patterns of decision-making and strategies for balance in your life. I ask deepening questions and help you find balance life by helping you adjust priorities. My approach is always time effective and practical.  
  • Clean Communication: Good communication is key in any relationship, including how you talk to yourself. By working with your own language and they way it affects you, you gain mastery and effortlessly change your patterns of behavior. Clean communication is a tool I use to that changes your patterns of self-talk without activating past traumas or negativity. It is a quick way to change behavior and very powerful in its effectiveness. Read my blog: Want to Change your Life? Get to Know Your Metaphors by Using ‘Clean Language’ 
  • Therapy or Coaching for Depression and Anxiety: At times, everyone has down days or feels anxious about the unknown. When you find yourself thinking more about what is wrong in your life than what is right, it is time to get help. My approach is practical and straightforward. Because I have worked so extensively with depressed and anxious clients, I know how to short-circuit the inner self-talk to turn it from negative to positive. In addition, it is important to rule out medical or diet related factors in mood issues. Do not let your emotions rule your life, call me today and get the help you need. 
  • Family Therapy: When anyone in an intimate relationship changes, the whole system in which they function experiences disequilibrium. Thus, through the years, I have spent a good deal of time working with families so all family members have their needs met and no one person carries the issues for the group. When a family works supportively together they can accomplish much more than any one individual member of the family. The benefits of a happy family have been scientifically documented. 
  • Parenting Skills and Support: Despite having studied and become an expert on child behavior and development, when I had my children I realized that parenting activates a lot of unconscious programming. I determined to learn how to work with my children so they would co-create their future and contribute in productive ways to my family while thriving in realizing their own potential. I studied Parent Effectiveness Training with Tom Gordon, Ph.D. and became a lead teacher while I was in Chicago. I used P.E.T. with my children very successfully and have expanded this work with teaching parenting skills through the years. 
  • Stress Management: Daily life is fraught with stressors. My toolbox for stress management includes many options that fit every lifestyle and age group. Balance and self-care are essential components in stress reduction along with a consistent practice of empowering self-talk. Stress management is a skill, easily taught. 
  • Meditation and Consciousness: When I began meditating in 1974, I knew very little about its benefits. However, within a week of starting to practice Transcendental Meditation, I found I had more energy, could swim double the number of laps I could previously swim, and my day seemed easier and more harmonious. I have continued to mediate twice daily since 1974, but have integrated other meditation and consciousness tools into my work and practice. Since I have been psychic since childhood, this arena is one that sparks my passions and I love exploring with my clients. And, the benefits speak for themselves. 
  • Conflict Resolution: As a coach as well as a clinical psychologist, I work with conflict resolution extensively, especially in cases of divorce. I am trained as a Collaborative Divorce Mental Health Coach and work with couples who are divorcing so they minimize the trauma and ill-will and find a way to resolve their issues and come to a mutually beneficial resolution of their conflicts. In addition, I work with business people facing challenges and families in conflict. 
  • Multidimensional Perspectives to Balance your life: My work with consciousness convinced me that we are multidimensional beings who live in the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions at the same time. Too often these dimensions of awareness are out of balance and if so cause disharmony and even dis-ease. In my proprietary system, I can chart how you actually function in all these dimensions and can outline for you how to best make decisions so you manifest your desires. 

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that synthesize therapy and coaching from a multidimensional perspective. My expertise is in working to help individuals, couples, and families. The number of sessions nneded depends on your specific challenges in dealing your unique challenges. In working with clients, my goal is to facilitate results. 

I work within a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, with a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client’s individual needs. The goal is always to help clients attain personal growth, as they define it, and/or to help them gain clarity about their vision for themselves in their life.

I service the Westside of Los Angeles: Pacific Palisades Brentwood, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood. In addition, I do phone sessions with clients and also use Zoom for online video. 

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