Are life challenges getting you down?

Do you know you can have a calmer and more fulfilling life?

I know how to help you to balance work, home, and self-care so you can live harmoniously and happily despite the daily curves life throws at you. Every individual is unique. So, even though you may be struggling now, you can find your strength to forge ahead and you can emerge confident, happy, and looking forward to better times.

Life is precious. When you live, fully present with yourself, radiating love from the core of your being you live a well-balanced happy life. If you need guidance so you can live a life you love, let me be your guide. It has been my joy to guide clients for the past 50 years and I continue to do so. Let me help you live a happy balanced life. I know how to guide you so you achieve a self-fulfilled life.

Although you can’t change your past, through our work together you can move beyond your past without reliving past traumas or wasting precious time spinning your wheels. With years of clinical experience and extensive training in Imago coaching, analytic, transpersonal, relationship, and solution-focused approaches, I am well qualified to tailor my approach to each unique individual. I love working with individuals and couples facilitating them so they finding creative ways to reorient their life toward happiness and strength.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance while you are encountering a challenging situation, or if you're just ready to move into a new chapter of your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. My highest goal  is to protect and empower the natural divinity of as many individual souls as possible. 

Please call 310-403-4347 or email me so we can discuss what you need and to determine if I am the right person to be of help to you.

Your future is now. Know it. Change it.

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